Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Shoes

the world of womens shoes is a strange and particular thing- the cutest ones tend to be the ones that hurt the most.
I've always been an big fan of flats and flip flops myself but a few months ago i made a discover (that has changed my wardrobe drastically) i learned that after a few very painful days of wearing the cute heels, my feet got used to them and i could walk without having to take them off every time i sat down.

which makes me think- how many times have i looked at things in my life that i want to walk out and not even tried because i was sure i couldn't endure the pain. how many times have i passed something up because the initial pain of trying it out was to much to handle.

as i look back on the most painful times in my life, the times when i was heart broken and lonely or lost and hurting, confuzed and uncertain of anything. i see that those times, the pain was what drove me to become better, stronger, wiser. i walk differently now because of that pain. - and thus is true of today--- so i will look at it as not another trial to bare and endure or another heartache to get over, i'll instead look at it as yet another pair of shoes to break in... knowing that after the first few painful days i will learn to walk in them!

--much love

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