Saturday, October 23, 2010

a life what?

i can honestly say i completely forgot about this blog- as evident by the date of my last post- and i highly doubt that i actually have anyone who will read it but i will write anyways cause writing stuff out has a strange therapeutic effect (at least on me).

so- i am 27 now, working as a live-in nanny, job I've had for a year now and while i am uniquely qualified to do the job and i believe i do it well I've got an exit plan and i am going through the motions, researching, planning and mapping out the next few steps- I'm finally pursuing something I've wanted to pursue for years but for many reasons just kept tucked away in my heart.

I am a relatively open person- not many secrets but the things closest to my heart are not so widely known, i suppose they are the ones i stand to incur the most hurt from if things should go wrong so it might come to a surprise for me to tell you what this dream of mine is- and if you think hard about the person i am, hopefully it'll make perfect sense. I want to be a life coach!

I absolutely love setting goals and mapping out steps to achieving them, and don't even get me started on the importance of a proper foundation to reach those goals, or the power of eliminating small tolerances from our daily lives, for the last few years I've devoured every book i can find on the subject and i am on 3 or 4 coaching school mailing lists, and now I've decided to go after it! my hope is to be certified at the basic level within a year, and 6 months after that to complete the advanced courses- i hope to be coaching part time by then, and full time within 5 years- there i wrote out my goals for the world to see! here we go!