Thursday, July 19, 2007

Afternoon stars

the stars, the stars i love are out now, though it is only 8:49 in the morning and i don't mean they're out in some other country where it's they are out here, in bend Oregon where the sun is shining and it's freezing (really at least in my apartment) they are out, always, i just can't see them til all the other lights dim and the sun sets on the busy day, then i can see them, for a while until the sun rises again announcing another day of things to be done and then my beloved stars disappear again, but not in reality, just in my feeble human site, they are constant, they don't move (until they fall and go out) but for the most part i can know that they are always there and when night falls i can see them again-
kinda like God, he's always there, even when the sun in shining in my eyes and i can't see him, even when my days are busy and i only just whisper a prayer in frustration, or when tears are all i have, and the words don't quite make it out of my head and heart, he's there, steady and constant, never to move or fall or burn out, he'll never leave me, he'll never reject me and he's got his eye on my life and he knows what all this is leading me too (even when he chooses not to let me in on it) there's an end here somewhere, or a pause at lease, when my life will make sense once again (soon i hope).
until then i will just try to remember that day or night, like the stars, he's always there and to enjoy the times when the world around me is dark enough to see him!

--much love

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