Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free from the vortex

my sister JoAnne got married yesterday! and now the vortex (the wedding vortex) that has been holding me captive is gone. they are on their honey moon and my hair has been washed free of all hairspray! anyhow here are some pics of the day (i couldn't edit any of them cause my computer is being stupid so sorry some of them are dark).

here's Jo- sipping some 7up (she sent us to the store for crakers and then called us just as we were leaving to tell us she also needed some 7up...)

me and the sister getting ready (i think we actually look alike here) me no makeup yet

at the church...getting her into the dress...

all three strong girls... one down two to go!

Jo and Chad posing for a million pictures.

me and my bouquet. by the end of the night i had two... i caught the bouquet that she tossed too...

me JoAnne and Sarah (jo's best friend from boston)

we were being the statue of liberty! (board standing around waiting for our turn to be photographed by my uncle jim)

my mom was alredy bawling by this time... my grandpa asked "who gives this man" and my dad gave her had to chad as he said "her mother and i do"... look at his face!

post wedding, post reception... off to the honeymoon

bridesmaids winding down- sarah and micah... uh not sure

me Merideth and Natty

Natty and Micah busting a move

Charlies Angels pose!

Micah had a little spill...

and this is my impression of bridezilla... loving nickname for my sister the last few days...

more pics to come!

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