Sunday, July 22, 2007

more pictures from wedding week

the whole bridal shower gang!

at the bridal shower everyone was spit into teams (of three) and then they had to write a poem about JoAnne and Chad using all these random items... i was very impressed at the quality of poems! they're going in her book for sure

said poem writting

another bridal shower game... they had to draw a picture of Jo in her dress and vail and all... but on top of their heads... very humerous (also going in the book)

and this "folks" is my new brother!!!

trying out a new look!

Barns and nobel starbucks (bacholerette party planning session)

putting together the programs (two nights before)

tying bows and punching holes like pros!

we were all very tierd...sunny fell asleep half way through the project

finished product (haha...not without having to reglue a page on the next day... yes, all 140 of them)

waiting to get our nails done

getting pretty

finished product... no touchups needed (yay)


the bridesmaid dresses have an uneven hem (on purpose) so we told jo we were all gonna stand like this...(no we didn't)

rehersal dinner (me natty and cousin mallory) holding up the beans... uh yah, no reason really

getting her bacholerette party attire on!

pretty as ever!

friends cousins and sisters- fun times

i made her shirt... it say's "Last night as a STRONG"... but always a sister!

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