Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home again Home again

Home again home again

so- it is with a sore back i write to you this late evening, from a new room,
very formiliar house...
i moved back home yesterday....sigh....
this time i moved into the room that my younger sister lived in -during our
younger years (and thus inherited her cat- which my sinuses are still adjusting
the feelings are mixed (as always) i lament in the feeling of surrendering my
much enjoyed independence (or seperatness from the family unit) but i'm happy
to be home again where the messes don't seem to pile up as quickly and the
power bill comes addressed to my dad and not to me.

my things are all boxed up and i feel a bit disorented (i honestly can't tell you
where my toothbrush worries, i have a spare).
i do feel however, on a whole different note that this move goes right along
with the season i'm in currently.
a month or so ago- while complaining to God about facing yet another year
of wait (when it seems my whole life has been one big long one) i felt him say
to me--- it's not a season of wait, it's a season of WEIGHT!

which may not mean a lot to you, but to me it was real big- and now with the
first few steps of this new season behind me- it keeps me looking ahead to what
he's promised he'll do in me (if i seek his will and follow his guidence)

funny how packing things up and moving and reorganizing things (re prioritizing-
in a way) can cause you to re-evaluate your life, your focus and what you
spend your time on.... to see passions of yesterday lying in a box that has been
in a closet for 6 months (does something to ya)

so- i am home again--- physically and spiritually and though it might be the cat
hair in the room taking it's affect- my eyes tear up a bit at the thought of being
back under the care of my parents- under their roof- under their provision again-
there's a feeling of safty here that the world will never duplicate and i'm gonna
enjoy it while i can!

hope ya'll have a wonderful night
much love

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