Friday, September 14, 2007

the reason for the storm

such a simple concept- trouble, tribulation, resistance. yet to ponder the purpose in the pain, the reason for the storms, the providence behind it all, when it seems that God not only allowed them but sent them to us express.
We learn (or have the opportunity too) so much in these storms, about ourselves, of hidden strengths and covered weaknesses, we build endurance, learn dependence but most importantly (from today's prospective) we learn the true definition of devotion...what it means to love God, even with an empty stomach and a negative bank balance, to turn to him and lift weary arms in praise when his blessings are no where in sight.

to echo Job in saying "...yet though he slay me, still will i praise him" it's the beauty of learning to praise him the the midst, not because i know that it will end and his blessings will come but simply because he's worth it. to build a relationship with God not based on our conditions or our emotions (both that change with the wind) but based on who he is, who history shows us he is, who the bible says he is, who he has proved he is.

(blog inspired by 1- job and 2- "passion and purity" current book i'm reading)... hope it rang true somewhere.

much love

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