Wednesday, August 20, 2008

an ACTUAL update

(me and my new pink dress, and old red wig... i've given up on hoping that my REAL hair will ever grow to be long agian)

how many times have i been asked in the last week "what have you been up to"... oy, so i decided to write a blog on it.

first first- before the REAL updates, YES the blue subaru has been repainted, by brush this time, a two-toned terquise and it looks great if i do say so myself!

1- i'm still watching rohan, 3 afternoons a week, i only watch him 10 hours a week but it's been a year and a half now and i've fallen in love with the little guy so i can't leave him and find a full time nanny job

2- i did just get a second job, also about 10 hours a week, helping out a friend of my mom's at her flag and banner shop, a bunch of peeling and sewing and random stuff like that

3- i'm building a website on how to live the best life (sorta a way to be the life coach i long to be without having to go to school) it's located at and its a work in progress, i spend about 6-8 hours a week on it.

4- i'm enjoying the sunshine and dreaming about traveling the us... if it's God's will he'll make a way and if not i suppose i'll go on dreaming for a few more years, maybe i'll have to visit those whom i know and love scattered around the globe instead...

simply put i'm holding loose to my plans and expectations for what my life should be or what it could be (or what i thought it's be now at the ripe age of 25), i'm following the dreams Gods put in me and making sure the sails are up- that i'll catch the wind and sail luff (closer to the wind)... it's amazing to feel so content with my jobs, with my status (still single and perfectly ok with it, perhaps its because i know i won't ever be ready to be the woman or wife God wants me to be until i learn to be ok with being just me first), living situation (still in the parents house... weeding through the boxes of junk i've accumulated over the years).

i sleep in almost every morning, work out or walk the butte a few times a week, and low and behold (though i have not yet mastered the art of my lovely pink guitar) i've been writing songs like crazy latley (on the trusty old piano)... i am quite simply living in the sweet spot!!!!

hope that answers all your questions.
much love

(ps and after a year or two of carrying my camera EVERYWHERE with me it finally broke and i haven't the funds to replace it just yet so this summer may be alot less eventful for the photo updates and my editing program is on the fritz with the rest of my pc so yah...:(

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