Wednesday, August 20, 2008

update of sorts

so i decided that i'm just gonna be one of those people who has more than one blog, since i spend the bulk of my day with a 3 year old who dosn't really care to hear my view of the world and my woes, i find i have plenty to write about.

-first i thought i'd start with a funny story, saterday night i went to a wedding, many friends were there to whitness the lovely wedding of dani and kevin... fish was the caterer, anyhow i ate food and enjoyed every bite... went home a few hours later and as i sliped into sleep i couldn't stop rubbing my eye, it hurt really bad, none the less i fell asleep, and awoke at 9 (two hours earilier than i had planned) to go to the bathroom and happend to glimps into the mirror to see my right eye completly swollen shut... woe is me. this has actually happened once before, when i discovered that i love pistachios and then discovered the same day that i was allergic, but that time my right cheek and throat also swelled, anyhow, it was a fun day of taking drugs to lessen the swelling and my mom continually checking to see how it was. about 2, i finally could open my eye and by 5 (when i had to leave the house to babysit) it was looking just a little puffy (but still i put on a hat and pulled it low to conseal my silly looking face). not sure what it was that i ate, i don't think there were nuts in any of it but who knows. ... i have a picture on my phone (so if you wanna see it ask...) i can't upload any new pics at the moment cause my camera and computer are both broken... my luck

(so here's an old pic that has nothing to do with anything... unless you (like me) love sour skittles in which case it's to make your mouth water)

which leads me to story two- not nearly as amusing but still... i went camping a few weeks ago (that's not the story, though i do slightly HATE camping so of course there are stories to be told from that... perhaps another time) anyhow my camera went camping too... since my trusty little kodak goes everywhere i go.. i whipped it out to get a picture of my brother-in-law chad trying to stuff a fullsize air matress into a small pup tent (etched in my mind)and discoverd that the lense is broken, won't open...even when i try to help it. so i figured, after a year and a half of going everywhere with me (got it on my 24th b-day) that i'd invest in getting the camera of my dreams.... drumroll please... a nikon, i'm saving all the money i get from side jobs this summer and whatever i have from the yardsale after i pay the stupid irs... soon i shall have my beloved camera, now if only i could get my computer up and running again so i can once again presume my hermit life of editing photos into the night.

and the last story for this blog...

it's about my little doggy sunny, she looks like a puppy but she's actually 6 and a half, i've had her for about 6 years (she's my baby), anyhow the other day i walked the butte with amy, and when i walk from home i take sunny, somehow the little doggy makes me feel safer (she's real loud, and kinda mean to people she dosn't know) so we met up and janelle (who decided to join us last minet) brought her dog, also a small dog , a boy dog names shawn but he's like 16 so...a bit older than sunny, now sunny dosn't normally like other dogs, she usually barks like crazy and stuff but she kinda liked shawn, sorta alot, she cept trying to walk by him and stuff and shawn was having none of it, he kept walking the other way... it was really funny, my doggy has a crush, thought i'd share that with all of you.

and that's if for the ramble session today, hope i didnt' bore you all to much

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