Tuesday, June 26, 2007


this is my perty face!!!!

another small group pic! sorry- i just love these girls so much!

Jessica, Vanessa, Laural, Taylor W, Rylie, Taylor R. and me....aka- 6 of my 10 awsome small group girls (jv small group)

me and bluecy and outdoor emerge!
me and lily (*the stinkin cutest little girl on the planet) - we were waiting for her bus!

this is me and most of (not jessica or elisha) my awsome small group girls!

so it seems the thing to do on these pages is not nearly to blog (which i do rather enjoy) but to post pics like a mad person so---- uh, nothing particular but here are some pics for you!

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Grace said...

the pirateyness and small groupiness is awesome... and of course the picture of mwa. Hmm, do you think those red shades are a little too big?