Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hunger Pains

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(originally written and posted on my myspace but it's going here now to cause it applies)

what would happen if every time i was hungry, every time i sat down to eat there was food, ready and waiting for me. i'd eat and be filled and go along my way. but, what happens when i am hungry and there is no food in reach or no way to get food. when i have to wait with anticipation for the food. to cook something and smell it before it's ready or to wait until the appointed time to eat.... then when i come to the table... completely aware of the emptiness that growls within me... then when i bow my head and thank God for providing it...then when i lift the fork to my lips- what i feel is not merely full, but satisfied.

hunger is what drives us- not just physical hunger but in every nook and cranny of our beings. a hunger for purpose, a hunger for acceptance, a hunger for success and understanding...

ah and of course a hunger for love. our movies and songs, our nightclubs and bars, our books, magazines, everything that surrounds us....remind us of this hunger for love.

do we reach for what's ready and instant to fill us or do we wait for the meal to be prepared and set on the table before us? i will wait...i will wait...for how ever long i must

and i know when i sit down to this table... i will feel that satisfaction...and the grumble in my being, the longing in my soul, the want in my flesh--- is the hunger that will keep me holding on years down the road when times are tough and statistics threaten to prove right, it's the hunger that will keep the fire burning in seasons of rain and times of trials.

i just thought i'd share this with ya'll and hope that it rings true in some of you as well-- next time i feel the grumble of the hunger pains...i will remember... it is the wait that makes the sweetest satisfaction.

God Bless


me and my sunny bunny on the 4th!

me and Rohan (the cutest little guy- they pay me to watch him...)

so- the inside of my car is being painted! cause it was too boring (next the outside is gonna get a new color!)

God Bless ya'll- have an awesome Saturday!

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